4,413 Publications

Metallicities and Refined Stellar Parameters for 52 Cool Dwarfs with Transiting Planets and Planet Candidates


April 2024 • Gore, Rebecca • Giacalone, Steven • Dressing, Courtney D. • et al.

TOI-2266 b: A keystone super-Earth at the edge of the M dwarf radius valley


March 2024 • Parviainen, H. • Murgas, F. • Esparza-Borges, E. • et al.

Circumgalactic Environments Around Distant Quasars 3C 9 and 4C 05.84


March 2024 • Sabhlok, Sanchit • Wright, Shelley A. • Vayner, Andrey • et al.

Lyman Continuum Emission from Active Galactic Nuclei at 2.3 ≲ z ≲ 3.7 in the UVCANDELS Fields


March 2024 • Smith, Brent M. • Windhorst, Rogier A. • Teplitz, Harry • et al.

A hidden population of massive white dwarfs: two spotted K + WD binaries


March 2024 • Rowan, Dominick M. • Jayasinghe, Tharindu • Tucker, Michael A. • et al.

Serendipitous detection of the dusty Type IIL SN 1980K with JWST/MIRI


March 2024 • Zsíros, Szanna • Szalai, Tamás • De Looze, Ilse • et al.

The Emergence of a Brightest Cluster Galaxy in a Protocluster Core at z = 2.24


March 2024 • Shi, Dong Dong • Wang, Xin • Zheng, Xian Zhong • et al.

Surveying the Giant H II Regions of the Milky Way with SOFIA. VI. NGC 3603


March 2024 • De Buizer, James M. • Lim, Wanggi • Karnath, Nicole • et al.

Circumstellar Disk Accretion Across the Lagoon Nebula: The Influence of Environment and Stellar Mass


March 2024 • Venuti, Laura • Cody, Ann Marie • Beccari, Giacomo • et al.

Enhanced Subkiloparsec-scale Star Formation: Results from a JWST Size Analysis of 341 Galaxies at 5 < z < 14


March 2024 • Morishita, Takahiro • Stiavelli, Massimo • Chary, Ranga-Ram • et al.

Systematic KMTNet Planetary Anomaly Search. X. Complete Sample of 2017 Prime-field Planets


March 2024 • Ryu, Yoon-Hyun • Udalski, Andrzej • Yee, Jennifer C. • et al.

Radio Jet Feedback on the Inner Disk of Virgo Spiral Galaxy Messier 58


February 2024 • Ogle, Patrick M. • López, Iván E. • Reynaldi, Victoria • et al.

Stellar Population Properties in the Stellar Streams around SPRC047


February 2024 • Laine, Seppo • Martínez-Delgado, David • Webb, Kristi A. • et al.

Weak-lensing Analysis of the Complex Cluster Merger A746 with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam


February 2024 • HyeongHan, K. • Cho, H. • Jee, M. James • et al.

Euclid: Validation of the MontePython forecasting tools


February 2024 • Casas, S. • Lesgourgues, J. • Schöneberg, N. • et al.

An Optical Search for New Outbursting Low Mass X-Ray Binaries


February 2024 • Wang, Yuankun • Bellm, Eric C. • Crossland, Allison • et al.

Oxygen abundance of γ Vel from [O III] 88 μm Herschel/PACS spectroscopy


February 2024 • Crowther, Paul A. • Barlow, M. J. • Royer, P. • et al.

Investigating the Atmospheric Mass Loss of the Kepler-105 Planets Straddling the Radius Gap


February 2024 • Householder, Aaron • Weiss, Lauren M. • Owen, James E. • et al.

Testing He II Emission from Wolf–Rayet Stars as a Dust Attenuation Measure in Eight Nearby Star-forming Galaxies


February 2024 • Maschmann, Daniel • Leitherer, Claus • Faisst, Andreas L. • et al.

The POKEMON Speckle Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs. II. Observations of 1125 Targets


February 2024 • Clark, Catherine A. • van Belle, Gerard T. • Horch, Elliott P. • et al.

3 μm Phase Curves of Main-belt Asteroids from NEOWISE Photometry


January 2024 • Varakian, Matthew • Chanover, Nancy • Masiero, Joseph • et al.

The Comet Interceptor Mission


January 2024 • Jones, Geraint H. • Snodgrass, Colin • Tubiana, Cecilia • et al.

A 12.4-day periodicity in a close binary system after a supernova


January 2024 • Chen, Ping • Gal-Yam, Avishay • Sollerman, Jesper • et al.

Clouds and Clarity: Revisiting Atmospheric Feature Trends in Neptune-size Exoplanets


January 2024 • Brande, Jonathan • Crossfield, Ian J. M. • Kreidberg, Laura • et al.

Characterizing the Ordinary Broad-line Type Ic SN 2023pel from the Energetic GRB 230812B


January 2024 • Srinivasaragavan, Gokul P. • Swain, Vishwajeet • O'Connor, Brendan • et al.

Transient Corotating Clumps around Adolescent Low-mass Stars from Four Years of TESS


January 2024 • Bouma, Luke G. • Jayaraman, Rahul • Rappaport, Saul • et al.

Search for Supernova Progenitor Stars with ZTF and LSST


January 2024 • Strotjohann, Nora L. • Ofek, Eran O. • Gal-Yam, Avishay • et al.

The Kepler Giant Planet Search. I. A Decade of Kepler Planet-host Radial Velocities from W. M. Keck Observatory


January 2024 • Weiss, Lauren M. • Isaacson, Howard • Howard, Andrew W. • et al.

Searching for Planets Orbiting Fomalhaut with JWST/NIRCam


January 2024 • Ygouf, Marie • Beichman, Charles A. • Llop-Sayson, Jorge • et al.

The California Legacy Survey. IV. Lonely, Poor, and Eccentric: A Comparison between Solitary and Neighborly Gas Giants


January 2024 • Rosenthal, Lee J. • Howard, Andrew W. • Knutson, Heather A. • et al.

Photometric prioritization of neutron star merger candidates


January 2024 • Ofek, Eran O. • Strotjohann, Nora L. • Arcavi, Iair • et al.

Compact and quiescent circumgalactic medium and Ly α haloes around extremely red quasars


December 2023 • Gillette, Jarred • Lau, Marie Wingyee • Hamann, Fred • et al.

A LOFAR sample of luminous compact sources coincident with nearby dwarf galaxies


December 2023 • Vohl, D. • Vedantham, H. K. • Hessels, J. W. T. • et al.

SDSS-IV from 2014 to 2016: A Detailed Demographic Comparison over Three Years


December 2023 • Jones, Amy M. • Beaton, Rachael L. • Cherinka, Brian A. • et al.

Long-rising Type II Supernovae in the Zwicky Transient Facility Census of the Local Universe


December 2023 • Sit, Tawny • Kasliwal, Mansi M. • Tzanidakis, Anastasios • et al.

Validation of the Survey Simulator Tool for the NEO Surveyor Mission Using NEOWISE Data


December 2023 • Masiero, Joseph R. • Dahlen, Dar W. • Mainzer, Amy K. • et al.

The NEO Surveyor Near-Earth Asteroid Known Object Model


December 2023 • Grav, Tommy • Mainzer, Amy K. • Masiero, Joseph R. • et al.

The Near-Earth Object Surveyor Mission


December 2023 • Mainzer, A. K. • Masiero, J. R. • Abell, Paul A. • et al.

SN 2022joj: A Peculiar Type Ia Supernova Possibly Driven by an Asymmetric Helium-shell Double Detonation


December 2023 • Liu, Chang • Miller, Adam A. • Boos, Samuel J. • et al.

CD -27°11535: Evidence for a Triple System in the β Pictoris Moving Group


December 2023 • Thomas, Andrew D. • Nielsen, Eric L. • De Rosa, Robert J. • et al.

Scaling K2. VII. Evidence For a High Occurrence Rate of Hot Sub-Neptunes at Intermediate Ages


December 2023 • Christiansen, Jessie L. • Zink, Jon K. • Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K. • et al.

[C II] Spectral Mapping of the Galactic Wind and Starbursting Disk of M82 with SOFIA


December 2023 • Levy, Rebecca C. • Bolatto, Alberto D. • Tarantino, Elizabeth • et al.

Validating AU Microscopii d with Transit Timing Variations


December 2023 • Wittrock, Justin M. • Plavchan, Peter P. • Cale, Bryson L. • et al.

An Investigation of New Brown Dwarf Spectral Binary Candidates From the Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 Citizen Science Initiative


December 2023 • Bravo, Alexia • Schneider, Adam C. • Bardalez Gagliuffi, Daniella • et al.

No Evidence for More Earth-sized Planets in the Habitable Zone of Kepler's M versus FGK Stars


December 2023 • Bergsten, Galen J. • Pascucci, Ilaria • Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K. • et al.

Minutes-duration optical flares with supernova luminosities


November 2023 • Ho, Anna Y. Q. • Perley, Daniel A. • Chen, Ping • et al.

The origin of the observed Ly α EW distribution of dwarf galaxies at z 2


November 2023 • Snapp-Kolas, Christopher • Siana, Brian • Gburek, Timothy • et al.

CWISE J105512.11+544328.3: A Nearby Y Dwarf Spectroscopically Confirmed with Keck/NIRES


November 2023 • Robbins, Grady • Meisner, Aaron M. • Schneider, Adam C. • et al.

The Puzzling Properties of the MACS1149-JD1 Galaxy at z = 9.11


November 2023 • Stiavelli, Massimo • Morishita, Takahiro • Chiaberge, Marco • et al.

GOALS-JWST: Small Neutral Grains and Enhanced 3.3 μm PAH Emission in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 7469


November 2023 • Lai, Thomas S. -Y. • Armus, Lee • Bianchin, Marina • et al.

The SN 2023ixf Progenitor in M101. I. Infrared Variability


November 2023 • Soraisam, Monika D. • Szalai, Tamás • Van Dyk, Schuyler D. • et al.

The Farmer: A Reproducible Profile-fitting Photometry Package for Deep Galaxy Surveys


November 2023 • Weaver, J. R. • Zalesky, L. • Kokorev, V. • et al.

Illuminating the Dark Side of Cosmic Star Formation. II. A Second Date with RS-NIRdark Galaxies in COSMOS


November 2023 • Behiri, Meriem • Talia, Margherita • Cimatti, Andrea • et al.

Size and Albedo Constraints for (152830) Dinkinesh Using WISE Data


November 2023 • McFadden, Kiana D. • Mainzer, Amy K. • Masiero, Joseph R. • et al.

Two Warm Super-Earths Transiting the Nearby M Dwarf TOI-2095


November 2023 • Quintana, Elisa V. • Gilbert, Emily A. • Barclay, Thomas • et al.

TESS Spots a Super-puff: The Remarkably Low Density of TOI-1420b


November 2023 • Yoshida, Stephanie • Vissapragada, Shreyas • Latham, David W. • et al.

Recurring outbursts of the supernova impostor AT 2016blu in NGC 4559


November 2023 • Aghakhanloo, Mojgan • Smith, Nathan • Milne, Peter • et al.

Evaluating the GeoSnap 13‑μ \mu m cutoff HgCdTe detector for mid‑IR ground‑based astronomy


October 2023 • Leisenring, Jarron M. • Atkinson, Dani • Bowens, Rory • et al.

An excursion into the core of the cluster lens Abell 1689


October 2023 • Ghosh, Agniva • Adams, Dominic • Williams, Liliya L. R. • et al.

Asteroseismology and Spectropolarimetry of the Exoplanet Host Star λ Serpentis


October 2023 • Metcalfe, Travis S. • Buzasi, Derek • Huber, Daniel • et al.

Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy


October 2023 • Donath, Axel • Terrier, Régis • Remy, Quentin • et al.

Early Results from GLASS-JWST. XXIII. The Transmission of Lyα from UV-faint z 3-6 Galaxies


October 2023 • Prieto-Lyon, Gonzalo • Mason, Charlotte • Mascia, Sara • et al.

Two Massive, Compact, and Dust-obscured Candidate z ≃ 8 Galaxies Discovered by JWST


October 2023 • Akins, Hollis B. • Casey, Caitlin M. • Allen, Natalie • et al.

A Near-infrared-faint, Far-infrared-luminous Dusty Galaxy at z 5 in COSMOS-Web


October 2023 • McKinney, Jed • Manning, Sinclaire M. • Cooper, Olivia R. • et al.

Visual Orbits and Alignments of Planet-hosting Binary Systems


October 2023 • Lester, Kathryn V. • Howell, Steve B. • Matson, Rachel A. • et al.

An Optically Discovered Outburst from XTE J1859+226


October 2023 • Bellm, Eric C. • Wang, Yuankun • van Roestel, Jan • et al.

The IR Compactness of Dusty Galaxies Sets Star Formation and Dust Properties at z ∼ 0-2


October 2023 • McKinney, Jed • Pope, Alexandra • Kirkpatrick, Allison • et al.

UV-bright Star-forming Clumps and Their Host Galaxies in UVCANDELS at 0.5 ≤ z ≤ 1


October 2023 • Martin, Alec • Guo, Yicheng • Wang, Xin • et al.

The TESS-Keck Survey. XVI. Mass Measurements for 12 Planets in Eight Systems


October 2023 • Akana Murphy, Joseph M. • Batalha, Natalie M. • Scarsdale, Nicholas • et al.

Revisiting Orbital Evolution in HAT-P-2 b and Confirmation of HAT-P-2 c


October 2023 • de Beurs, Zoë L. • de Wit, Julien • Venner, Alexander • et al.

OGLE-2016-BLG-1195 AO: Lens, Companion to Lens or Source, or None of the Above?


October 2023 • Gould, Andrew • Shvartzvald, Yossi • Zhang, Jiyuan • et al.

A New Galaxy Cluster Merger Capable of Probing Dark Matter: A56


September 2023 • Wittman, David • Stancioli, Rodrigo • Finner, Kyle • et al.

Euclid: Cosmology forecasts from the void-galaxy cross-correlation function with reconstruction


September 2023 • Radinović, S. • Nadathur, S. • Winther, H. -A. • et al.

Water Absorption in the Transmission Spectrum of the Water World Candidate GJ 9827 d


September 2023 • Roy, Pierre-Alexis • Benneke, Björn • Piaulet, Caroline • et al.

Eta Carinae: The Dissipating Occulter Is an Extended Structure


September 2023 • Gull, Theodore R. • Hartman, Henrik • Teodoro, Mairan • et al.

Universal Upper End of the Stellar Initial Mass Function in the Young and Compact LEGUS Clusters


September 2023 • Jung, Dooseok Escher • Calzetti, Daniela • Messa, Matteo • et al.

TOI-4600 b and c: Two Long-period Giant Planets Orbiting an Early K Dwarf


September 2023 • Mireles, Ismael • Dragomir, Diana • Osborn, Hugh P. • et al.

TOI-1416: A system with a super-Earth planet with a 1.07 d period


September 2023 • Deeg, H. J. • Georgieva, I. Y. • Nowak, G. • et al.

The Long-term Spectral Changes of Eta Carinae: Are they Caused by a Dissipating Occulter as Indicated by CMFGEN Models?


September 2023 • Damineli, Augusto • Hillier, Desmond J. • Navarete, Felipe • et al.

SRGeJ045359.9+622444: A 55 Minute Period Eclipsing AM Canum Venaticorum Star Discovered from a Joint SRG/eROSITA + ZTF Search


September 2023 • Rodriguez, Antonio C. • Galiullin, Ilkham • Gilfanov, Marat • et al.

COSMOS-Web: An Overview of the JWST Cosmic Origins Survey


September 2023 • Casey, Caitlin M. • Kartaltepe, Jeyhan S. • Drakos, Nicole E. • et al.

Completeness of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) Local Volume Sample


September 2023 • Cook, D. O. • Mazzarella, J. M. • Helou, G. • et al.

Deep H I Mapping of Stephan's Quintet and Its Neighborhood


September 2023 • Cheng, Cheng • Xu, Cong Kevin • Appleton, P. N. • et al.

Young Stellar Object Candidates in IC 417


September 2023 • Rebull, L. M. • Anderson, R. L. • Hall, G. • et al.

Identifying the SN 2022acko progenitor with JWST


September 2023 • Van Dyk, Schuyler D. • Bostroem, K. Azalee • Zheng, WeiKang • et al.

TESS spots a mini-neptune interior to a hot saturn in the TOI-2000 system


September 2023 • Sha, Lizhou • Vanderburg, Andrew M. • Huang, Chelsea X. • et al.

The Eighteenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys: Targeting and First Spectra from SDSS-V


August 2023 • Almeida, Andrés • Anderson, Scott F. • Argudo-Fernández, Maria • et al.

Three low-mass companions around aged stars discovered by TESS


August 2023 • Lin, Zitao • Gan, Tianjun • Wang, Sharon X. • et al.

SN 2022acko: The First Early Far-ultraviolet Spectra of a Type IIP Supernova


August 2023 • Bostroem, K. Azalee • Dessart, Luc • Hillier, D. John • et al.

A Search for Relativistic Ejecta in a Sample of ZTF Broad-lined Type Ic Supernovae


August 2023 • Corsi, Alessandra • Ho, Anna Y. Q. • Cenko, S. Bradley • et al.

A rotating white dwarf shows different compositions on its opposite faces


August 2023 • Caiazzo, Ilaria • Burdge, Kevin B. • Tremblay, Pier-Emmanuel • et al.

Orbital Decay in an Accreting and Eclipsing 13.7 Minute Orbital Period Binary with a Luminous Donor


August 2023 • Burdge, Kevin B. • El-Badry, Kareem • Rappaport, Saul • et al.

The First Weak-lensing Analysis with the James Webb Space Telescope: SMACS J0723.3-7327


August 2023 • Finner, Kyle • Faisst, Andreas • Chary, Ranga-Ram • et al.

A Data Science Platform to Enable Time-domain Astronomy


August 2023 • Coughlin, Michael W. • Bloom, Joshua S. • Nir, Guy • et al.

The Prevalence and Influence of Circumstellar Material around Hydrogen-rich Supernova Progenitors


August 2023 • Bruch, Rachel J. • Gal-Yam, Avishay • Yaron, Ofer • et al.

The Variable Detection of Atmospheric Escape around the Young, Hot Neptune AU Mic b


August 2023 • Rockcliffe, Keighley E. • Newton, Elisabeth R. • Youngblood, Allison • et al.

A Mini-Neptune Orbiting the Metal-poor K Dwarf BD+29 2654


August 2023 • Dai, Fei • Schlaufman, Kevin C. • Reggiani, Henrique • et al.

JWST observations of dust reservoirs in type IIP supernovae 2004et and 2017eaw


August 2023 • Shahbandeh, Melissa • Sarangi, Arkaprabha • Temim, Tea • et al.

TESS and CHEOPS discover two warm sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf HD 15906


August 2023 • Tuson, A. • Queloz, D. • Osborn, H. P. • et al.

Two warm Neptunes transiting HIP 9618 revealed by TESS and Cheops


August 2023 • Osborn, H. P. • Nowak, G. • Hébrard, G. • et al.

Rubin Observatory LSST Stars Milky Way and Local Volume Star Clusters Roadmap


July 2023 • Usher, Christopher • Dage, Kristen C. • Girardi, Léo • et al.

Stellar Characterization and Radius Inflation of Hyades M-dwarf Stars from the APOGEE Survey


July 2023 • Wanderley, Fábio • Cunha, Katia • Souto, Diogo • et al.

Euclid preparation. XXVIII. Forecasts for ten different higher-order weak lensing statistics


July 2023 • Euclid Collaboration • Ajani, V. • Baldi, M. • et al.

JWST MIRI Flight Performance: Detector Effects and Data Reduction Algorithms


July 2023 • Morrison, Jane E. • Dicken, Daniel • Argyriou, Ioannis • et al.

The First JWST Spectral Energy Distribution of a Y Dwarf


July 2023 • Beiler, Samuel A. • Cushing, Michael C. • Kirkpatrick, J. Davy • et al.

Resolving Galactic-scale Obscuration of X-Ray AGNs at z ≳ 1 with COSMOS-Web


July 2023 • Silverman, John D. • Mainieri, Vincenzo • Ding, Xuheng • et al.

The TESS-Keck Survey. XV. Precise Properties of 108 TESS Planets and Their Host Stars


July 2023 • MacDougall, Mason G. • Petigura, Erik A. • Gilbert, Gregory J. • et al.

Detecting Exoplanets Closer to Stars with Moderate Spectral Resolution Integral-field Spectroscopy


July 2023 • Agrawal, Shubh • Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste • Konopacky, Quinn M. • et al.

VaTEST. II. Statistical Validation of 11 TESS-detected Exoplanets Orbiting K-type Stars


July 2023 • Mistry, Priyashkumar • Pathak, Kamlesh • Prasad, Aniket • et al.

TOI-4010: A System of Three Large Short-period Planets with a Massive Long-period Companion


July 2023 • Kunimoto, Michelle • Vanderburg, Andrew • Huang, Chelsea X. • et al.

A Search for Extragalactic Fast Blue Optical Transients in ZTF and the Rate of AT2018cow-like Transients


June 2023 • Ho, Anna Y. Q. • Perley, Daniel A. • Gal-Yam, Avishay • et al.

JWST/NIRCam detections of dusty subsolar-mass young stellar objects in the Small Magellanic Cloud


June 2023 • Jones, Olivia C. • Nally, Conor • Habel, Nolan • et al.

Uncovering a population of gravitational lens galaxies with magnified standard candle SN Zwicky


June 2023 • Goobar, Ariel • Johansson, Joel • Schulze, Steve • et al.

Searching for Intragroup Light in Deep U-band Imaging of the COSMOS Field


June 2023 • McCabe, Tyler • Redshaw, Caleb • Otteson, Lillian • et al.

The James Webb Space Telescope Mission


June 2023 • Gardner, Jonathan P. • Mather, John C. • Abbott, Randy • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Stellar multiplicity, a teaser for the hidden treasure


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Arenou, F. • Babusiaux, C. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Mapping the asymmetric disc of the Milky Way


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Drimmel, R. • Romero-Gómez, M. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Pulsations in main sequence OBAF-type stars


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • De Ridder, J. • Ripepi, V. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Reflectance spectra of Solar System small bodies


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Galluccio, L. • Delbo, M. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. The extragalactic content


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Bailer-Jones, C. A. L. • Teyssier, D. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Analysis of RVS spectra using the General Stellar Parametriser from spectroscopy


June 2023 • Recio-Blanco, A. • de Laverny, P. • Palicio, P. A. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Apsis. III. Non-stellar content and source classification


June 2023 • Delchambre, L. • Bailer-Jones, C. A. L. • Bellas-Velidis, I. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Exploring and mapping the diffuse interstellar band at 862 nm


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Schultheis, M. • Zhao, H. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Chemical cartography of the Milky Way


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Recio-Blanco, A. • Kordopatis, G. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Apsis. II. Stellar parameters


June 2023 • Fouesneau, M. • Frémat, Y. • Andrae, R. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. A golden sample of astrophysical parameters


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Creevey, O. L. • Sarro, L. M. • et al.

Gaia Data Release 3. Summary of the content and survey properties


June 2023 • Gaia Collaboration • Vallenari, A. • Brown, A. G. A. • et al.

Examining the Properties of Low-luminosity Hosts of Type Ia Supernovae from ASAS-SN


June 2023 • Holoien, Thomas W. -S. • Berger, Vera L. • Hinkle, Jason T. • et al.

The SPHEREx Target List of Ice Sources (SPLICES)


June 2023 • Ashby, Matthew L. N. • Hora, Joseph L. • Lakshmipathaiah, Kiran • et al.

A Tale of Three Dwarfs: No Extreme Cluster Formation in Extreme Star-forming Galaxies


June 2023 • Chandar, Rupali • Caputo, Miranda • Mok, Angus • et al.

Surveying the Giant H II Regions of the Milky Way with SOFIA: V. DR7 and K3-50


June 2023 • De Buizer, James M. • Lim, Wanggi • Radomski, James T. • et al.

Scaling K2. VI. Reduced Small-planet Occurrence in High-galactic-amplitude Stars


June 2023 • Zink, Jon K. • Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K. • Christiansen, Jessie L. • et al.

Revised Properties and Dynamical History for the HD 17156 System


June 2023 • Kane, Stephen R. • Hill, Michelle L. • Dalba, Paul A. • et al.

Long-term 4.6 μm Variability in Brown Dwarfs and a New Technique for Identifying Brown Dwarf Binary Candidates


June 2023 • Brooks, Hunter • Kirkpatrick, J. Davy • Meisner, Aaron M. • et al.

Three Long-period Transiting Giant Planets from TESS


June 2023 • Brahm, Rafael • Ulmer-Moll, Solène • Hobson, Melissa J. • et al.

Identifying and characterizing ultracool dwarfs ejected from post-encounter disintegrating systems


June 2023 • Yip, Alexandra K. P. • Kurtev, Radostin • Pinfield, David J. • et al.

A sub-Neptune transiting the young field star HD 18599 at 40 pc


June 2023 • de Leon, J. P. • Livingston, J. H. • Jenkins, J. S. • et al.

Neutrino follow-up with the Zwicky transient facility: results from the first 24 campaigns


June 2023 • Stein, Robert • Reusch, Simeon • Franckowiak, Anna • et al.

Multiwavelength astrophysics of the blazar OJ 287 and the project MOMO


May 2023 • Komossa, S. • Kraus, A. • Grupe, D. • et al.

Erratum: "Thermal Properties of 1847 WISE-observed Asteroids" (2022, PSJ, 3, 56)


May 2023 • Hung, Denise • Hanuš, Josef • Masiero, Joseph R. • et al.

The Increasingly Strange Polarimetric Behavior of the Barbarian Asteroids


May 2023 • Masiero, Joseph R. • Devogèle, Maxime • Macias, Isabella • et al.

A temperate Earth-sized planet with tidal heating transiting an M6 star


May 2023 • Peterson, Merrin S. • Benneke, Björn • Collins, Karen • et al.

A radio-detected type Ia supernova with helium-rich circumstellar material


May 2023 • Kool, Erik C. • Johansson, Joel • Sollerman, Jesper • et al.

An infrared transient from a star engulfing a planet


May 2023 • De, Kishalay • MacLeod, Morgan • Karambelkar, Viraj • et al.

Volumetric Rates of Luminous Red Novae and Intermediate-luminosity Red Transients with the Zwicky Transient Facility


May 2023 • Karambelkar, Viraj R. • Kasliwal, Mansi M. • Blagorodnova, Nadejda • et al.

The Direct-method Oxygen Abundance of Typical Dwarf Galaxies at Cosmic High Noon


May 2023 • Gburek, Timothy • Siana, Brian • Alavi, Anahita • et al.

Early Results from GLASS-JWST. XIX. A High Density of Bright Galaxies at z ≈ 10 in the A2744 Region


May 2023 • Castellano, Marco • Fontana, Adriano • Treu, Tommaso • et al.

A Systematic Study of Ia-CSM Supernovae from the ZTF Bright Transient Survey


May 2023 • Sharma, Yashvi • Sollerman, Jesper • Fremling, Christoffer • et al.

JWST Observations of the Enigmatic Y-Dwarf WISE 1828+2650. I. Limits to a Binary Companion


May 2023 • De Furio, Matthew • Lew, Ben • Beichman, Charles • et al.

Testing the Interaction between a Substellar Companion and a Debris Disk in the HR 2562 System


May 2023 • Zhang, Stella Yimiao • Duchêne, Gaspard • De Rosa, Robert J. • et al.

Another shipment of six short-period giant planets from TESS


May 2023 • Rodriguez, Joseph E. • Quinn, Samuel N. • Vanderburg, Andrew • et al.

Spinning up a Daze: TESS Uncovers a Hot Jupiter Orbiting the Rapid Rotator TOI-778


May 2023 • Clark, Jake T. • Addison, Brett C. • Okumura, Jack • et al.

Contemporaneous Observations of Hα Luminosities and Photometric Amplitudes for M Dwarfs


May 2023 • García Soto, Aylin • Newton, Elisabeth R. • Douglas, Stephanie T. • et al.

Repeating periodic eruptions of the supernova impostor SN 2000ch


May 2023 • Aghakhanloo, Mojgan • Smith, Nathan • Milne, Peter • et al.

SN 2021zny: an early flux excess combined with late-time oxygen emission suggests a double white dwarf merger event


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Investigating the Dominant Environmental Quenching Process in UVCANDELS/COSMOS Groups


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