A Population of Cold Cores in the Galactic Plane

February 1998 • 1998ApJ...494L.199E

Authors • Egan, M. P. • Shipman, R. F. • Price, S. D. • Carey, S. J. • Clark, F. O. • Cohen, M.

Abstract • Recent observations by the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) have revealed the presence of compact objects seen in absorption against bright mid-infrared emission from the Galactic plane. Examination of MSX and IRAS images of these objects reveal that they are dark from 7 to 100 μm. We find ~2000 clouds in a 1deg×180deg scan along the Galactic equator. The data suggest these objects are dense (n>105 cm-3), cold (T<20 K) cores, without accompanying envelopes.


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Sean Carey

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