An intepretive ballistic model for quasi-symmetric bipolar jet systems

October 2011 • 2011RMxAA..47..289R

Authors • Raga, A. C. • Noriega-Crespo, A. • Rodríguez-Ramírez, J. C. • Lora, V. • Stappelfeldt, K. R. • Carey, S. J.

Abstract • We present an analytic, ballistic model for quasi-symmetric jet/counterjet systems, considering both the non-relativistic and the relativistic cases. The model considers the presence of ejection time and velocity asymmetries, which produce offsets between the positions of the knots in jet/counterjet pairs. A fit of the non-relativistic model predictions to observations of two quasi-symmetric HH outflows (HH 34 and HH 111) allows us to obtain the magnitudes of the ejection time and velocity asymmetries of these systems.


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Sean Carey

Senior Scientist