Processing Images from the Zwicky Transient Facility

October 2018 • 2018RTSRE...1..329L

Authors • Laher, Russ R. • Masci, Frank J. • Groom, Steve • Rusholme, Benjamin • Shupe, David L. • Jackson, Ed • Surace, Jason • Flynn, Dave • Landry, Walter • Terek, Scott • Helou, George • Beck, Ron • Hacopians, Eugean • Rebbapragada, Umaa • Bue, Brian • Smith, Roger M. • Dekany, Richard G. • Miller, Adam A. • Cenko, S. B. • Bellm, Eric • Patterson, Maria • Kupfer, Thomas • Yan, Lin • Barlow, Tom • Graham, Matthew • Kasliwal, Mansi M. • Prince, Thomas A. • Kulkarni, Shrinivas R.

Abstract • The Zwicky Transient Facility is a new robotic-observing program, in which a newly engineered 600-MP digital camera with a pioneeringly large field of view, 47 square degrees, will be installed into the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope at the Palomar Observatory. The camera will generate ∼1 petabyte of raw image data over three years of operations. In parallel related work, new hardware and software systems are being developed to process these data in real time and build a long-term archive for the processed products. The first public release of archived products is planned for early 2019, which will include processed images and astronomical-source catalogs of the northern sky in the g and r bands. Source catalogs based on two different methods will be generated for the archive: aperture photometry and point-spread-function fitting. *%K asteroids, stars: variables, binaries, supernovae, cataclysmic variables, galactic: active nuclei, techniques: image processing, photometric, methods: observational, data analysis


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