Accurate Coordinates and 2MASS Cross Identifications for (Almost) All Gliese Catalog Star

August 2010 • 2010PASP..122..885S

Authors • Stauffer, John • Tanner, Angelle M. • Bryden, Geoffrey • Ramirez, Solange • Berriman, Bruce • Ciardi, David R. • Kane, Stephen R. • Mizusawa, Trisha • Payne, Alan • Plavchan, Peter • von Braun, Kaspar • Wyatt, Pamela • Kirkpatrick, J. Davy

Abstract • We provide precise J2000, epoch 2000 coordinates, and cross-identifications to sources in the 2MASS Point Source Catalog for nearly all stars in the Gliese, Gliese-Jahreiss, and Woolley catalogs of nearby stars. The only Gliese objects where we were not successful are two Gliese sources that are actually QSOs; two proposed companions to brighter stars, which we believe do not exist; four stars included in one of the catalogs but identified there as only optical companions; one probable plate flaw; and two stars that simply remain unrecovered. For the 4251 recovered stars, 2693 have coordinates based on Hipparcos positions, 1549 have coordinates based on 2MASS data, and 9 have positions from other astrometric sources. All positions have been calculated at epoch 2000 using proper motions from the literature, which are also given here.


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