Constraints on Free-Free Emission from Anomalous Microwave Emission Sources in the Perseus Molecular Cloud

June 2013 • 2013ApJ...770..122T

Authors • Tibbs, C. T. • Paladini, R. • Dickinson, C. • Mason, B. S. • Casassus, S. • Cleary, K. • Davies, R. D. • Davis, R. J. • Watson, R. A.

Abstract • We present observations performed with the Green Bank Telescope at 1.4 and 5 GHz of three strips coincident with the anomalous microwave emission features previously identified in the Perseus molecular cloud at 33 GHz with the Very Small Array. With these observations we determine the level of the low frequency (~1-5 GHz) emission. We do not detect any significant extended emission in these regions and we compute conservative 3σ upper limits on the fraction of free-free emission at 33 GHz of 27%, 12%, and 18% for the three strips, indicating that the level of the emission at 1.4 and 5 GHz cannot account for the emission observed at 33 GHz. Additionally, we find that the low frequency emission is not spatially correlated with the emission observed at 33 GHz. These results indicate that the emission observed in the Perseus molecular cloud at 33 GHz, is indeed in excess over the low frequency emission, hence confirming its anomalous nature.


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Roberta Paladini

Senior Research Scientist