CANDELS Multi-wavelength Catalogs: Source Identification and Photometry in the CANDELS COSMOS Survey Field

January 2017 • 2017ApJS..228....7N

Authors • Nayyeri, H. • Hemmati, S. • Mobasher, B. • Ferguson, H. C. • Cooray, A. • Barro, G. • Faber, S. M. • Dickinson, M. • Koekemoer, A. M. • Peth, M. • Salvato, M. • Ashby, M. L. N. • Darvish, B. • Donley, J. • Durbin, M. • Finkelstein, S. • Fontana, A. • Grogin, N. A. • Gruetzbauch, R. • Huang, K. • Khostovan, A. A. • Kocevski, D. • Kodra, D. • Lee, B. • Newman, J. • Pacifici, C. • Pforr, J. • Stefanon, M. • Wiklind, T. • Willner, S. P. • Wuyts, S. • Castellano, M. • Conselice, C. • Dolch, T. • Dunlop, J. S. • Galametz, A. • Hathi, N. P. • Lucas, R. A. • Yan, H.

Abstract • We present a multi-wavelength photometric catalog in the COSMOS field as part of the observations by the Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey. The catalog is based on Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 (HST/WFC3) and Advanced Camera for Surveys observations of the COSMOS field (centered at R.A.: {10}{{h}}{00}{{m}}{28}{{s}}, Decl.: +02^\circ 12\prime {21}\prime\prime ). The final catalog has 38671 sources with photometric data in 42 bands from UV to the infrared (∼ 0.3{--}8 μ {{m}}). This includes broadband photometry from HST, CFHT, Subaru, the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy, and Spitzer Space Telescope in the visible, near-infrared, and infrared bands along with intermediate- and narrowband photometry from Subaru and medium-band data from Mayall NEWFIRM. Source detection was conducted in the WFC3 F160W band (at 1.6 μm) and photometry is generated using the Template FITting algorithm. We further present a catalog of the physical properties of sources as identified in the HST F160W band and measured from the multi-band photometry by fitting the observed spectral energy distributions of sources against templates.


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Shoubaneh Hemmati

Assistant Scientist