IPAC is part of the Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy at Caltech.


IPAC Senior Lea​dership

IPAC Director's Office

  • IPAC Executive Director: George Helou
  • IPAC Deputy Director: Roc Cutri
  • IPAC Manager: David Imel
  • Head of Science Staff: Schuyler Van Dyk

SSC (Spitzer Science Center)

  • Director: B. Thomas Soifer
  • Manager: Sean Carey
  • Deputy Manager: Lee Bennett

NExScI (NASA Exoplanet Science Institute)

  • Executive Director: Charles (Chas) Beichman
  • Director: Shrinivas Kulkarni
  • Deputy Director: Dawn Gelino
  • Chief Scientist: David Ciardi
  • Manager: Rachel Akeson (Acting)

ENSCI (Euclid NASA Science Center at IPAC)

  • Science Lead: Harry Teplitz

ICE (IPAC Communications and Education)

  • Lead: Gordon K. Squires
  • Deputy Lead: Janice Lee

IRSA (Infrared Science Archive)

  • Science Lead: Harry Teplitz
  • Task Lead: Steve Groom
  • Deputy Science Lead: Vandana Desai

KOA (Keck Observatory Archive)

  • Project Scientist/Task Lead: Bruce Berriman

LSST-SUIT (LSST Science User Interface and Tools)

  • Project Scientist: Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
  • Task Lead: Xiuqin Wu

NASA Exoplanet Archive

  • Project Scientist/Task Lead:  Rachel Akeson

NED (NASA Extragalactic Database)

  • Project Scientist/Task Lead: Joseph Mazzarella

NEOCam (Near-Earth Object Camera)

  • Project Scientist/Task Lead: Roc Cutri

NeoWISE (Neo  Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer )

  • Project Scientist/Task Lead: Roc Cutri

NHSC (NASA Herschel Science Center)

  • Project Scientist: Phil Appleton

SPHEREx (SPHEREx Science Center at IPAC)

  • Task Lead: Rachel Akeson
  • Project Scientist: Peter Capak

WFIRST (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope)

  • Task Lead: Rachel Akeson
  • Project Scientist: Lee Armus

ZTF (Zwicky Transient Facility)

  • Task Lead: Frank Masci