Identifying High-metallicity M Giants at Intragroup Distances with Sloan Digital Sky Survey

June 2012 • 2012AJ....143..128P

Authors • Palladino, Lauren E. • Holley-Bockelmann, Kelly • Morrison, Heather • Durrell, Patrick R. • Ciardullo, Robin • Feldmeier, John • Wade, Richard A. • Kirkpatrick, J. Davy • Lowrance, Patrick

Abstract • Tidal stripping and three-body interactions with the central supermassive black hole may eject stars from the Milky Way. These stars would comprise a set of "intragroup" stars that trace the past history of interactions in our galactic neighborhood. Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR7, we identify candidate solar-metallicity red giant intragroup stars using color cuts that are designed to exclude nearby M and L dwarfs. We present 677 intragroup candidates that are selected between 300 kpc and 2 Mpc, and are either the reddest intragroup candidates (M7-M10) or are L dwarfs at larger distances than previously detected.


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