Stellar Streams and Clouds in the Galactic Halo

2016 • 2016ASSL..420...87G

Authors • Grillmair, Carl J. • Carlin, Jeffrey L.

Abstract • Recent years have seen the discovery of an ever growing number of stellar debris streams and clouds. These structures are typically detected as extended and often curvilinear overdensities of metal-poor stars that stand out from the foreground disk population. The streams typically stretch tens of degrees or more across the sky, even encircling the Galaxy, and range in heliocentric distance from 3 to 100 kpc. This chapter summarizes the techniques used for finding such streams and provides tables giving positions, distances, velocities, and metallicities, where available, for all major streams and clouds that have been detected as of January 2015. Sky maps of the streams are also provided. Properties of individual tidal debris structures are discussed.


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Carl Grillmair

Associate Scientist