Job Opportunities

We believe in a collaborative, inclusive, and diverse community, and a culture that supports all of our members.

In all our work at IPAC, we strive to engage with all members of the astronomy community as well as the general public. This includes a goal of recruiting and maintaining a diverse team within IPAC, and welcoming people from all backgrounds.

People choose to work at IPAC for many reasons, and the collegial, employee-centric culture often leads to fulfilling, long-term careers and positive relationships. An open and welcoming environment leads to fulfilled staff, and better results for the individuals, the organization, and our science.

Opportunities at IPAC

As of today, about 150 people work at IPAC in a variety of roles:

  • Science staff (40%)
  • Applications developers (30%)
  • Operations and Administration (30%)

We also have a cohort of about 10 postdocs at most times, and a number of students participating in a variety of programs.

Opportunities for students.