The NASA Exoplanet Archive: Data and Tools for Exoplanet Research

August 2013 • 2013PASP..125..989A

Authors • Akeson, R. L. • Chen, X. • Ciardi, D. • Crane, M. • Good, J. • Harbut, M. • Jackson, E. • Kane, S. R. • Laity, A. C. • Leifer, S. • Lynn, M. • McElroy, D. L. • Papin, M. • Plavchan, P. • Ramírez, S. V. • Rey, R. • von Braun, K. • Wittman, M. • Abajian, M. • Ali, B. • Beichman, C. • Beekley, A. • Berriman, G. B. • Berukoff, S. • Bryden, G. • Chan, B. • Groom, S. • Lau, C. • Payne, A. N. • Regelson, M. • Saucedo, M. • Schmitz, M. • Stauffer, J. • Wyatt, P. • Zhang, A.

Abstract • We describe the contents and functionality of the NASA Exoplanet Archive, a database and toolset funded by NASA to support astronomers in the exoplanet community. The current content of the database includes interactive tables containing properties of all published exoplanets, Kepler planet candidates, threshold-crossing events, data validation reports and target stellar parameters, light curves from the Kepler and CoRoT missions and from several ground-based surveys, and spectra and radial velocity measurements from the literature. Tools provided to work with these data include a transit ephemeris predictor, both for single planets and for observing locations, light curve viewing and normalization utilities, and a periodogram and phased light curve service. The archive can be accessed at http://exoplanetarchive.ipac.caltech.edu.


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