Dynamical Mass Measurement of the Young Spectroscopic Binary V343 Normae AaAb Resolved With the Gemini Planet Imager

December 2016 • 2016AJ....152..175N

Authors • Nielsen, Eric L. • De Rosa, Robert J. • Wang, Jason • Rameau, Julien • Song, Inseok • Graham, James R. • Macintosh, Bruce • Ammons, Mark • Bailey, Vanessa P. • Barman, Travis S. • Bulger, Joanna • Chilcote, Jeffrey K. • Cotten, Tara • Doyon, Rene • Duchêne, Gaspard • Fitzgerald, Michael P. • Follette, Katherine B. • Greenbaum, Alexandra Z. • Hibon, Pascale • Hung, Li-Wei • Ingraham, Patrick • Kalas, Paul • Konopacky, Quinn M. • Larkin, James E. • Maire, Jérôme • Marchis, Franck • Marley, Mark S. • Marois, Christian • Metchev, Stanimir • Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A. • Oppenheimer, Rebecca • Palmer, David W. • Patience, Jenny • Perrin, Marshall D. • Poyneer, Lisa A. • Pueyo, Laurent • Rajan, Abhijith • Rantakyrö, Fredrik T. • Savransky, Dmitry • Schneider, Adam C. • Sivaramakrishnan, Anand • Soummer, Remi • Thomas, Sandrine • Wallace, J. Kent • Ward-Duong, Kimberly • Wiktorowicz, Sloane J. • Wolff, Schuyler G.

Abstract • We present new spatially resolved astrometry and photometry from the Gemini Planet Imager of the inner binary of the young multiple star system V343 Normae, which is a member of the β Pictoris (β Pic) moving group. V343 Normae comprises a K0 and mid-M star in a ∼4.5 year orbit (AaAb) and a wide 10″ M5 companion (B). By combining these data with archival astrometry and radial velocities we fit the orbit and measure individual masses for both components of {M}{Aa}=1.10+/- 0.10 {M} and {M}{Ab}=0.290+/- 0.018 {M}. Comparing to theoretical isochrones, we find good agreement for the measured masses and JHK band magnitudes of the two components consistent with the age of the β Pic moving group. We derive a model-dependent age for the β Pic moving group of 26 ± 3 Myr by combining our results for V343 Normae with literature measurements for GJ 3305, which is another group member with resolved binary components and dynamical masses.


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