CANDELS Multi-wavelength Catalogs: Source Identification and Photometry in the CANDELS Extended Groth Strip

April 2017 • 2017ApJS..229...32S

Authors • Stefanon, Mauro • Yan, Haojing • Mobasher, Bahram • Barro, Guillermo • Donley, Jennifer L. • Fontana, Adriano • Hemmati, Shoubaneh • Koekemoer, Anton M. • Lee, BoMee • Lee, Seong-Kook • Nayyeri, Hooshang • Peth, Michael • Pforr, Janine • Salvato, Mara • Wiklind, Tommy • Wuyts, Stijn • Ashby, Matthew L. N. • Castellano, Marco • Conselice, Christopher J. • Cooper, Michael C. • Cooray, Asantha R. • Dolch, Timothy • Ferguson, Henry • Galametz, Audrey • Giavalisco, Mauro • Guo, Yicheng • Willner, Steven P. • Dickinson, Mark E. • Faber, Sandra M. • Fazio, Giovanni G. • Gardner, Jonathan P. • Gawiser, Eric • Grazian, Andrea • Grogin, Norman A. • Kocevski, Dale • Koo, David C. • Lee, Kyoung-Soo • Lucas, Ray A. • McGrath, Elizabeth J. • Nandra, Kirpal • Newman, Jeffrey A. • van der Wel, Arjen

Abstract • We present a 0.4-8 μm multi-wavelength photometric catalog in the Extended Groth Strip (EGS) field. This catalog is built on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) WFC3 and ACS data from the Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey (CANDELS), and it incorporates the existing HST data from the All-wavelength Extended Groth strip International Survey (AEGIS) and the 3D-HST program. The catalog is based on detections in the F160W band reaching a depth of F160W = 26.62 AB (90% completeness, point sources). It includes the photometry for 41,457 objects over an area of ≈ 206 arcmin2 in the following bands: HST/ACS F606W and F814W; HST WFC3 F125W, F140W, and F160W; Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT)/Megacam u*, g\prime , r\prime , I\prime and z\prime ; CFHT/WIRCAM J, H, and K S; Mayall/NEWFIRM J1, J2, J3, H1, H2, and K; Spitzer IRAC 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, and 8.0 μm. We are also releasing value-added catalogs that provide robust photometric redshifts and stellar mass measurements. The catalogs are publicly available through the CANDELS repository.


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Shoubaneh Hemmati

Assistant Scientist