The TESS-Keck Survey. XVI. Mass Measurements for 12 Planets in Eight Systems

October 2023 • 2023AJ....166..153A

Authors • Akana Murphy, Joseph M. • Batalha, Natalie M. • Scarsdale, Nicholas • Isaacson, Howard • Ciardi, David R. • Gonzales, Erica J. • Giacalone, Steven • Twicken, Joseph D. • Dattilo, Anne • Fetherolf, Tara • Rubenzahl, Ryan A. • Crossfield, Ian J. M. • Dressing, Courtney D. • Fulton, Benjamin • Howard, Andrew W. • Huber, Daniel • Kane, Stephen R. • Petigura, Erik A. • Robertson, Paul • Roy, Arpita • Weiss, Lauren M. • Beard, Corey • Chontos, Ashley • Dai, Fei • Rice, Malena • Van Zandt, Judah • Lubin, Jack • Blunt, Sarah • Polanski, Alex S. • Behmard, Aida • Dalba, Paul A. • Hill, Michelle L. • Rosenthal, Lee J. • Brinkman, Casey L. • Mayo, Andrew W. • Turtelboom, Emma V. • Angelo, Isabel • Mo─Źnik, Teo • MacDougall, Mason G. • Pidhorodetska, Daria • Tyler, Dakotah • Kosiarek, Molly R. • Holcomb, Rae • Louden, Emma M. • Hirsch, Lea A. • Gilbert, Emily A. • Anderson, Jay • Valenti, Jeff A.

Abstract • With JWST's successful deployment and unexpectedly high fuel reserves, measuring the masses of sub-Neptunes transiting bright, nearby stars will soon become the bottleneck for characterizing the atmospheres of small exoplanets via transmission spectroscopy. Using a carefully curated target list and observations from more than 2 yr of APF-Levy and Keck-HIRES Doppler monitoring, the TESS-Keck Survey is working toward alleviating this pressure. Here we present mass measurements for 11 transiting planets in eight systems that are particularly suited to atmospheric follow-up with JWST. We also report the discovery and confirmation of a temperate super-Jovian-mass planet on a moderately eccentric orbit. The sample of eight host stars, which includes one subgiant, spans early-K to late-F spectral types (T eff = 5200-6200 K). We homogeneously derive planet parameters using a joint photometry and radial velocity modeling framework, discuss the planets' possible bulk compositions, and comment on their prospects for atmospheric characterization.