Mid-infrared Lightcurves of (523806) 2002 WW17

April 2019 • 2019MPBu...46..216C

Authors • Cutri, Roc M. • Masiero, Joseph • Sonnett, S. • Mainzer, A.

Abstract • We present 4.6 and 3.4 micron lightcurves of the Amor class near-Earth asteroid (523806) 2002 WW17 constructed from NEOWISE measurements in 2018 October and December. The lightcurve from the December measurements exhibit a 10.51 ± 0.08 hour period with a maximum amplitude of variation of nearly two magnitudes. The October lightcurve has a period consistent with that measured in December, but with an amplitude of approximately 0.8 mag.


IPAC Authors

Roc Cutri

IPAC Deputy Director


Joe Masiero

Associate Scientist