Eclipse Studies of the Dwarf Nova OY Carinae in Quiescence

June 1989 • 1989ApJ...341..974W

Authors • Wood, Janet H. • Horne, Keith • Berriman, Graham • Wade, Richard A.

Abstract • High-speed photometry of OY Car have been obtained which cover 20 eclipses in white light and seven eclipses in UBR. The results show the red dwarf to have a mass of 0.070 + or - 0.002 solar masses and a radius of 0.127 + or - 0.002 solar radii, and the white dwarf to have a temperature of several thousand degrees below 15,000 K. The bright spot is found to have a compact 15,000-K core and a tail that extends along the rim but does not penetrate far into the disk.


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Bruce Berriman

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