Overview: The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is a next-generation extremely large telescope that will offer astronomers a window to the Universe with unprecedented quality and depth. The primary mirror of the TMT will be 30m making it among the largest optical-near infrared telescopes to be built in the coming decade. Scientist will use the TMT to find answers to grand questions like “What are dark matter and dark energy?”, “When did the first galaxies form and how did they evolve?”, “What kind of galaxies host what kind of black holes?, “How do stars and planet form?”, and “Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?”. TMT is being jointly developed by Caltech, the Department of Science and Technology of India, National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Natural Sciences/National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, National Research Council Canada and the University of California.

Through 2023, IPAC supported the TMT Project with a number of business and engineering services. We implemented the TMT Software Test and Integration Laboratory (TMT-STIL) after successfully demonstrating a prototype for the system.  The TMT-STIL provides a set of software build and test environments for continuous integration with automated unit, component, and system-level testing for all TMT Software Systems.  It integrates several cloud-based services, including cloud computing, software planning, issue tracking, configuration management, documentation, and messaging. 

In addition, IPAC administered the "Bravo Events" reporting system for the project, gathering weekly the accomplishments, issues, and decisions for each aspect of the project into a coherent report.  IPAC also managed the cloud-based JIRA Issue Tracking system for the TMT project and hosted a TMT-proprietary engineering reporting system in the IPAC data center.

The IPAC Communications and Education (ICE) team supported TMT with  workforce, education, public outreach and communications (WEPOC) planning, programing, execution and evaluation.