Enabling real-time multi-messenger astrophysics discoveries with deep learning

October 2019 • 2019NatRP...1..600H

Authors • Huerta, E. A. • Allen, Gabrielle • Andreoni, Igor • Antelis, Javier M. • Bachelet, Etienne • Berriman, G. Bruce • Bianco, Federica B. • Biswas, Rahul • Carrasco Kind, Matias • Chard, Kyle • Cho, Minsik • Cowperthwaite, Philip S. • Etienne, Zachariah B. • Fishbach, Maya • Forster, Francisco • George, Daniel • Gibbs, Tom • Graham, Matthew • Gropp, William • Gruendl, Robert • Gupta, Anushri • Haas, Roland • Habib, Sarah • Jennings, Elise • Johnson, Margaret W. G. • Katsavounidis, Erik • Katz, Daniel S. • Khan, Asad • Kindratenko, Volodymyr • Kramer, William T. C. • Liu, Xin • Mahabal, Ashish • Marka, Zsuzsa • McHenry, Kenton • Miller, J. M. • Moreno, Claudia • Neubauer, M. S. • Oberlin, Steve • Olivas, Alexander R. • Petravick, Donald • Rebei, Adam • Rosofsky, Shawn • Ruiz, Milton • Saxton, Aaron • Schutz, Bernard F. • Schwing, Alex • Seidel, Ed • Shapiro, Stuart L. • Shen, Hongyu • Shen, Yue • Singer, Leo P. • Sipocz, Brigitta M. • Sun, Lunan • Towns, John • Tsokaros, Antonios • Wei, Wei • Wells, Jack • Williams, Timothy J. • Xiong, Jinjun • Zhao, Zhizhen

Abstract • Multi-messenger astrophysics is a fast-growing, interdisciplinary field that combines data, which vary in volume and speed of data processing, from many different instruments that probe the Universe using different cosmic messengers: electromagnetic waves, cosmic rays, gravitational waves and neutrinos. In this Expert Recommendation, we review the key challenges of real-time observations of gravitational wave sources and their electromagnetic and astroparticle counterparts, and make a number of recommendations to maximize their potential for scientific discovery. These recommendations refer to the design of scalable and computationally efficient machine learning algorithms; the cyber-infrastructure to numerically simulate astrophysical sources, and to process and interpret multi-messenger astrophysics data; the management of gravitational wave detections to trigger real-time alerts for electromagnetic and astroparticle follow-ups; a vision to harness future developments of machine learning and cyber-infrastructure resources to cope with the big-data requirements; and the need to build a community of experts to realize the goals of multi-messenger astrophysics.


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Bruce Berriman

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Brigitta Sipocz

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