Early Results from GLASS-JWST. II. NIRCam Extragalactic Imaging and Photometric Catalog

October 2022 • 2022ApJ...938L..14M

Authors • Merlin, Emiliano • Bonchi, Andrea • Paris, Diego • Belfiori, Davide • Fontana, Adriano • Castellano, Marco • Nonino, Mario • Polenta, Gianluca • Santini, Paola • Yang, Lilan • Glazebrook, Karl • Treu, Tommaso • Roberts-Borsani, Guido • Trenti, Michele • Birrer, Simon • Brammer, Gabriel • Grillo, Claudio • Calabrò, Antonello • Marchesini, Danilo • Mason, Charlotte • Mercurio, Amata • Morishita, Takahiro • Strait, Victoria • Boyett, Kristan • Leethochawalit, Nicha • Nanayakkara, Themiya • Vulcani, Benedetta • Bradac, Marusa • Wang, Xin

Abstract • We present the reduced images and multiwavelength catalog of the first JWST NIRCam extragalactic observations from the GLASS Early Release Science Program, obtained as coordinated parallels of the NIRISS observations of the Abell 2744 cluster. Images in seven bands (F090W, F115W, F150W, F200W, F277W, F356W, and F444W) have been reduced using an augmented version of the official JWST pipeline; we discuss the procedures adopted to remove or mitigate defects in the raw images. We obtain a multiband catalog by means of forced aperture photometry on point-spread function (PSF)-matched images at the position of F444W-detected sources. The catalog is intended to enable early scientific investigations, and it is optimized for faint galaxies; it contains 6368 sources, with limiting magnitude 29.7 at 5σ in F444W. We release both images and catalog in order to allow the community to become familiar with the JWST NIRCam data and evaluate their merit and limitations given the current level of knowledge of the instrument.


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Takahiro Morishita

Assistant Scientist