Zwicky Transient Facility and Globular Clusters: The Period-Luminosity and Period-Wesenheit Relations for Type II Cepheids

October 2022 • 2022AJ....164..154N

Authors • Ngeow, Chow-Choong • Bhardwaj, Anupam • Henderson, Jing-Yi • Graham, Matthew J. • Laher, Russ R. • Medford, Michael S. • Purdum, Josiah • Rusholme, Ben

Abstract • We present the first gri-band period-luminosity (PL) and period-Wesenheit (PW) relations for 37 Type II Cepheids (TIICs) located in 18 globular clusters based on photometric data from the Zwicky Transient Facility. We also updated BVIJHK-band absolute magnitudes for 58 TIICs in 24 globular clusters using the latest homogeneous distances to the globular clusters. The slopes of g/r/i- and B/V/I-band PL relations are found to be statistically consistent when using the same sample of distance and reddening. We employed the calibration of ri-band PL/PW relations in globular clusters to estimate a distance to M31 based on a sample of ~270 TIICs from the PAndromeda project. The distance modulus to M31, obtained using calibrated ri-band PW relation, agrees well with the recent determination based on classical Cepheids. However, distance moduli derived using the calibrated r- and i-band PL relations are systematically smaller by ~0.2 mag, suggesting there are possible additional systematic errors on the PL relations. Finally, we also derive the period-color (PC) relations and for the first time the period-Q-index (PQ) relations, where the Q-index is reddening free, for our sample of TIICs. The PC relations based on (r - i) and near-infrared colors and the PQ relations are found to be relatively independent of the pulsation periods.


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