High-speed photometry of the dwarf nova Z Cha in quiescence.

April 1986 • 1986MNRAS.219..629W

Authors • Wood, J. • Horne, K. • Berriman, G. • Wade, R. • O'Donoghue, D. • Warner, B.

Abstract • The structure of thfe cataclysmic variable star Z Cha and the properties of its components are obtained by high speed white light photometry. The agreement obtained between the color and brightness temperatures of the white dwarf and bright spot furnish confirmation of a 97-pc distance. The mean light curve of Z Cha is decomposed into its disk, bright spot, and white dwarf components, and a reconstruction of the disk's surface brightness distribution is undertaken which shows that the disk is not both optically thick and in a steady state. The disk radius remains approximately constant, but the flux density at orbital hump maximum decreases by about 30 percent through the present 16-day observations (obtained when Z Cha was quiescent).


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Bruce Berriman

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