K2-136: A Binary System in the Hyades Cluster Hosting a Neptune-sized Planet

January 2018 • 2018AJ....155...10C

Authors • Ciardi, David R. • Crossfield, Ian J. M. • Feinstein, Adina D. • Schlieder, Joshua E. • Petigura, Erik A. • David, Trevor J. • Bristow, Makennah • Patel, Rahul I. • Arnold, Lauren • Benneke, Bj√∂rn • Christiansen, Jessie L. • Dressing, Courtney D. • Fulton, Benjamin J. • Howard, Andrew W. • Isaacson, Howard • Sinukoff, Evan • Thackeray, Beverly

Abstract • We report the discovery of a Neptune-size planet ({R}{{p}}=3.0 {R}\oplus ) in the Hyades Cluster. The host star is in a binary system, comprising a K5V star and M7/8V star with a projected separation of 40 au. The planet orbits the primary star with an orbital period of 17.3 days and a transit duration of 3 hrs. The host star is bright (V = 11.2, J = 9.1) and so may be a good target for precise radial velocity measurements. K2-136A c is the first Neptune-sized planet to be found orbiting in a binary system within an open cluster. The Hyades is the nearest star cluster to the Sun, has an age of 625-750 Myr, and forms one of the fundamental rungs in the distance ladder; understanding the planet population in such a well-studied cluster can help us understand and set constraints on the formation and evolution of planetary systems.


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