The Spitzer Archival Far-Infrared Extragalactic Survey

March 2015 • 2015ApJS..217...17H

Authors • Hanish, D. J. • Capak, P. • Teplitz, H. I. • Desai, V. • Armus, L. • Brinkworth, C. • Brooke, T. • Colbert, J. • Edwards, L. • Fadda, D. • Frayer, D. • Huynh, M. • Lacy, M. • Murphy, E. • Noriega-Crespo, A. • Paladini, R. • Scarlata, C. • Shenoy, S.

Abstract • We present the Spitzer Archival Far-InfraRed Extragalactic Survey (SAFIRES). This program produces refined mosaics and source lists for all far-infrared (FIR) extragalactic data taken during the more than six years of the cryogenic operation of the Spitzer Space Telescope. The SAFIRES products consist of FIR data in two wavelength bands (70 and 160 μm) across approximately 180 square degrees of sky, with source lists containing far-infrared fluxes for almost 40,000 extragalactic point sources. Thus, SAFIRES provides a large, robust archival far-infrared data set suitable for many scientific goals.


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