CO and CO2 Productions Rates of Comets Observed by NEOWISE within Year 1 of the Reactivated Mission

January 2023 • 2023PSJ.....4....3G

Authors • Gicquel, Adeline • Bauer, James M. • Kramer, Emily A. • Mainzer, Amy K. • Masiero, Joseph R.

Abstract • We report on the observed fluxes of the comets detected by NEOWISE during the first year of operations after the spacecraft's reactivation. The sample included 57 comets. Of the comets detected, 30 were short-period comets (27 Jupiter-family comets, 1 Centaur, 2 Halley-type comets), and 27 were long-period comets. From the measured fluxes in the two NEOWISE bands, proxies for the gas production and coma dust are derived. We find a relationship between heliocentric distance, perihelion distance, and the gas-to-dust proxy fractions.


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Joe Masiero

Associate Scientist