CWISEP J193518.59-154620.3: An Extremely Cold Brown Dwarf in the Solar Neighborhood Discovered with CatWISE

August 2019 • 2019ApJ...881...17M

Authors • Marocco, Federico • Caselden, Dan • Meisner, Aaron M. • Kirkpatrick, J. Davy • Wright, Edward L. • Faherty, Jacqueline K. • Gelino, Christopher R. • Eisenhardt, Peter R. M. • Fowler, John W. • Cushing, Michael C. • Cutri, Roc M. • Garcia, Nelson • Jarrett, Thomas H. • Koontz, Renata • Mainzer, Amanda • Marchese, Elijah J. • Mobasher, Bahram • Schlegel, David J. • Stern, Daniel • Teplitz, Harry I.

Abstract • We present the discovery of an extremely cold, nearby brown dwarf in the solar neighborhood, found in the CatWISE catalog. Photometric follow-up with Spitzer reveals that the object, CWISEP J193518.59-154620.3, has ch1-ch2 = 3.24 ± 0.31 mag, making it one of the reddest brown dwarfs known. Using the Spitzer photometry and the polynomial relations from Kirkpatrick et al. we estimate an effective temperature in the ∼270-360 K range, and a distance estimate in the 5.6-10.9 pc range. We combined the WISE, NEOWISE, and Spitzer data to measure a proper motion of {μ }α \cos δ =337+/- 69 mas yr-1, μ δ = -50 ± 97 mas yr-1, which implies a relatively low tangential velocity in the range 7-22 km s-1.


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