An Eccentric Massive Jupiter Orbiting a Subgiant on a 9.5-day Period Discovered in the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Full Frame Images

May 2019 • 2019AJ....157..191R

Authors • Rodriguez, Joseph E. • Quinn, Samuel N. • Huang, Chelsea X. • Vanderburg, Andrew • Penev, Kaloyan • Brahm, Rafael • Jordán, Andrés • Ikwut-Ukwa, Mma • Tsirulik, Shelly • Latham, David W. • Stassun, Keivan G. • Shporer, Avi • Ziegler, Carl • Matthews, Elisabeth • Eastman, Jason D. • Gaudi, B. Scott • Collins, Karen A. • Guerrero, Natalia • Relles, Howard M. • Barclay, Thomas • Batalha, Natalie M. • Berlind, Perry • Bieryla, Allyson • Bouma, L. G. • Boyd, Patricia T. • Burt, Jennifer • Calkins, Michael L. • Christiansen, Jessie • Ciardi, David R. • Colón, Knicole D. • Conti, Dennis M. • Crossfield, Ian J. M. • Daylan, Tansu • Dittmann, Jason • Dragomir, Diana • Dynes, Scott • Espinoza, Néstor • Esquerdo, Gilbert A. • Essack, Zahra • Garcia Soto, Aylin • Glidden, Ana • Günther, Maximilian N. • Henning, Thomas • Jenkins, Jon M. • Kielkopf, John F. • Krishnamurthy, Akshata • Law, Nicholas M. • Levine, Alan M. • Lewin, Pablo • Mann, Andrew W. • Morgan, Edward H. • Morris, Robert L. • Oelkers, Ryan J. • Paegert, Martin • Pepper, Joshua • Quintana, Elisa V. • Ricker, George R. • Rowden, Pamela • Seager, Sara • Sarkis, Paula • Schlieder, Joshua E. • Sha, Lizhou • Tokovinin, Andrei • Torres, Guillermo • Vanderspek, Roland K. • Villanueva, Steven, Jr. • Villaseñor, Jesus Noel • Winn, Joshua N. • Wohler, Bill • Wong, Ian • Yahalomi, Daniel A. • Yu, Liang • Zhan, Zhuchang • Zhou, George

Abstract • We report the discovery of TOI-172 b from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission, a massive hot Jupiter transiting a slightly evolved G star with a 9.48-day orbital period. This is the first planet to be confirmed from analysis of only the TESS full frame images, because the host star was not chosen as a two-minute cadence target. From a global analysis of the TESS photometry and follow-up observations carried out by the TESS Follow-up Observing Program Working Group, TOI-172 (TIC 29857954) is a slightly evolved star with an effective temperature of T eff = 5645 ± 50 K, a mass of M = {1.128}-0.061+0.065 M , radius of R = {1.777}-0.044+0.047 R , a surface gravity of log g = {3.993}-0.028+0.027, and an age of {7.4}-1.5+1.6 {Gyr}. Its planetary companion (TOI-172 b) has a radius of R P = {0.965}-0.029+0.032 R J, a mass of M P = {5.42}-0.20+0.22 M J, and is on an eccentric orbit (e={0.3806}-0.0090+0.0093). TOI-172 b is one of the few known massive giant planets on a highly eccentric short-period orbit. Future study of the atmosphere of this planet and its system architecture offer opportunities to understand the formation and evolution of similar systems.


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