Synthetic Tracking Using ZTF Deep Drilling Data Sets

June 2020 • 2020PASP..132f4502Z

Authors • Zhai, Chengxing • Ye, Quanzhi • Shao, Michael • Trahan, Russell • Saini, Navtej S. • Shen, Janice • Prince, Thomas A. • Bellm, Eric C. • Graham, Matthew J. • Helou, George • Kulkarni, Shrinivas R. • Kupfer, Thomas • Laher, Russ R. • Mahabal, Ashish • Masci, Frank J. • Rusholme, Ben • Rosnet, Philippe • Shupe, David L.

Abstract • The Zwicky Transit Facility (ZTF) is a powerful time domain survey telescope with a large field of view of 47 ${\deg }^{2}$ deg 2 . We apply the synthetic tracking technique to integrate a ZTF's deep drilling data set, which consists of 133 nominal 30 s exposure frames spanning about 1.5 hr, to search for slowly moving asteroids down to approximately 23rd magnitude. We found 1168 objects from searching 40 of the 64 CCD-quadrant subfields, each of which covers a field size of about 0.73 ${\deg }^{2}$ deg 2 . While most of the objects are in the core region of the asteroid belt, there are asteroids belonging to families of Trojan, Hilda, Hungaria, Phocaea, and near-Earth-asteroids. Such an approach is effective and productive for discovering new asteroids. Here we report the data processing and results as well as discuss a potential deep drilling operation mode using this approach for survey facilities.


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