A catalog of infrared magnitudes and HI velocity widths for nearby galaxies.

November 1982 • 1982ApJS...50..241A

Authors • Aaronson, M. • Huchra, J. • Mould, J. R. • Tully, R. B. • Fisher, J. R. • van Woerden, H. • Goss, W. M. • Chamaraux, P. • Mebold, U. • Siegman, B. • Berriman, G. • Persson, S. E.

Abstract • Integrated infrared (1.6 micron) magnitudes and 21 cm velocity widths are presented for 308 nearby spiral galaxies. Positions, types, inclinations, diameters, H I velocities and flux density integrals, and distances are also listed. These data form the basis for a recent analysis of the velocity field in the Local supercluster.


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Bruce Berriman

Senior Scientist