Time-resolved Spectroscopy and Photometry of the Eclipsing AM Herculis Binary EXO 033319-2554.2

December 1989 • 1989ApJ...347..426A

Authors • Allen, Richard G. • Berriman, Graham • Smith, Paul S. • Schmidt, Gary D.

Abstract • Time-resolved optical observations of the eclipsing AM Herculis binary EXO 033319 - 2554.2 are presented. High-speed photometry of an eclipse is presented and used to derive a new ephemeris for the system and to estimate the size of the region responsible for the cyclotron emission. Optical spectra that span the orbital cycle are presented, the cyclotron emission in these spectra is discussed, and the flux and radial velocity variations of H-beta, H-gamma, and He II 4686 A are examined. Models of the flux and radial velocity variations of the emission lines indicate that about half the line emission comes from low-velocity material that is about 1.4 x 10 to the 10th cm from the white dwarf. The rest comes from high-velocity material that is about 10 to the 10th cm from the white dwarf and is moving toward it at about 600 km/s.


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