Metallicities and Refined Stellar Parameters for 52 Cool Dwarfs with Transiting Planets and Planet Candidates

April 2024 • 2024ApJS..271...48G

Authors • Gore, Rebecca • Giacalone, Steven • Dressing, Courtney D. • Turtelboom, Emma V. • Schroeder, Ashley • Fortenbach, Charles D. • Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K. • Zink, Jon K. • Mayo, Andrew W. • Schlieder, Joshua E. • Christiansen, Jessie L.

Abstract • We collected near-infrared spectra of 65 cool stars with the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility and analyzed them to calculate accurate metallicities and stellar parameters. The sample of 55 M dwarfs and 10 K dwarfs includes 25 systems with confirmed planets and 27 systems with planet candidates identified by the K2 and TESS missions. Three of the 25 confirmed planetary systems host multiple confirmed planets and two of the 27 planet candidate systems host multiple planet candidates. Using the new stellar parameters, we refit the K2 and TESS light curves to calculate updated planet properties. In general, our updated stellar properties are more precise than those previously reported and our updated planet properties agree well with those in the literature. Lastly, we briefly examine the relationship between stellar mass, stellar metallicity, and planetary system properties for targets in our sample and for previously characterized planet-hosting low-mass stars. We provide our spectra, stellar parameters, and new planetary fits to the community, expanding the sample available with which to investigate correlations between stellar and planetary properties for low-mass stars.


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Jessie Christiansen

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