Discovery of Two Polars from a Crossmatch of ZTF and the SRG/eFEDS X-Ray Catalog

March 2023 • 2023ApJ...945..141R

Authors • Rodriguez, Antonio C. • Kulkarni, Shrinivas R. • Prince, Thomas A. • Szkody, Paula • Burdge, Kevin B. • Caiazzo, Ilaria • van Roestel, Jan • Vanderbosch, Zachary P. • El-Badry, Kareem • Bellm, Eric C. • Gänsicke, Boris T. • Graham, Matthew J. • Mahabal, Ashish A. • Masci, Frank J. • Mróz, Przemek • Riddle, Reed • Rusholme, Ben

Abstract • Magnetic cataclysmic variables (CVs) are luminous Galactic X-ray sources, which have been difficult to find in purely optical surveys due to their lack of outburst behavior. The eROSITA telescope on board the Spektr-RG mission is conducting an all-sky X-ray survey and recently released the public eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS) catalog. We crossmatched the eFEDS catalog with photometry from the Zwicky Transient Facility and discovered two new magnetic CVs. We obtained high-cadence optical photometry and phase-resolved spectroscopy for each magnetic CV candidate and found them both to be polars. Among the newly discovered magnetic CVs is eFEDS J085037.2+044359/ZTFJ0850+0443, an eclipsing polar with orbital period P orb = 1.72 hr and WD mass M WD = 0.81 ± 0.08M . We suggest that eFEDS J085037.2+044359/ZTFJ0850+0443 is a low magnetic field strength polar, with B WD ≲ 10 MG. We also discovered a non-eclipsing polar, eFEDS J092614.1+010558/ZTFJ0926+0105, with orbital period P orb = 1.47 hr and magnetic field strength B WD = 36-42 MG.


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