The galactic first-look survey with the Spitzer space telescope

2005 • 2005AdSpR..36.1050B

Authors • Burgdorf, Martin J. • Cohen, Martin • Ingalls, James G. • Ramirez, S. • Rho, Jeonghee • Stolovy, S. R. • Carey, Sean J. • Fajardo-Acosta, S. B. • Glaccum, W. J. • Helou, G. • Hoard, D. W. • Karr, J. • Lowrance, P. J. • O'Linger, J. • Padgett, Deborah L. • Reach, W. T. • Rebull, L. M. • Stauffer, John R. • Wachter, S.

Abstract • The galactic first look survey (GFLS) of the Spitzer space telescope was executed during 1-11 December 2003 as one of the first science observations during nominal operations. The aim of the FLS is to provide a characteristic "first-look" at the mid-and far-infrared sky at sensitivities that allow the detection of point sources ≈100 times fainter than those in previous systematic large-area surveys. The whole program took 35.5 h to complete and consisted of the following elements: Galactic longitudinal strips of size 15' × 1° with IRAC and MIPS at l = 105.6° and 254.4° and various galactic latitudes.

10' × 10' IRAC maps at l = 97.5° and b = 0°, ±4°, and +16°.

Coverage of L1228 with 2° scan maps.

Even at these large distances from the galactic center, confusion sets a limit to the detection of point sources in the galactic plane for IRAC channel 1 (3.6 μm) at 100 μJy ≈ 16.1 m. As positive galactic latitudes were mainly sampled at l = 97.5° and 105.6° and negative latitudes at 254.4° galactic longitude, the observations are well suited to derive information on the warp of the galactic disk. In order to reproduce the source counts from the GFLS we had to assume an amplitude of the warp within 20% of that derived from 2MASS. The whole survey is included in the Spitzer science archive which opened in April 2004.


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