The Kinematics of HH 34 from HST Images with a Nine-year Time Baseline

April 2012 • 2012ApJ...748..103R

Authors • Raga, A. C. • Noriega-Crespo, A. • Rodríguez-González, A. • Lora, V. • Stapelfeldt, K. R. • Carey, S. J.

Abstract • We study archival HST [S II] 6716+30 and Hα images of the HH 34 outflow, taken in 1998.71 and in 2007.83. The ~9 yr time baseline and the high angular resolution of these observations allow us to carry out a detailed proper-motion study. We determine the proper motions of the substructure of the HH 34S bow shock (from the [S II] and Hα frames) and of the aligned knots within ~30'' from the outflow source (only from the [S II] frames). We find that the present-day motions of the knots along the HH 34 jet are approximately ballistic, and that these motions directly imply the formation of a major mass concentration in ~900 yr, at a position similar to the one of the present-day HH 34S bow shock. In other words, we find that the knots along the HH 34 jet will merge to form a more massive structure, possibly resembling HH 34S.


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Sean Carey

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