Fine-Structure Line Contribution to IRAS Bands in the Rosette Nebula

October 1996 • 1996ApJ...469L.131S

Authors • Shipman, R. F. • Carey, Sean J.

Abstract • The possibility of significant line emission contributing to the 12, 25, 60, and 100 mu m infrared emission is explored for the Rosette H II region. We find that the [O III] fine-structure lines in the far-infrared contribute significantly (25%--40%) at both 60 and 100 mu m. All of the 12 mu m emission is consistent with emission from [S IV] and other lines. The [O IV] line can explain the 25 mu m emission near the central cavity but is unable to explain the strength of the 25 mu m emission at more distant lines of sight. Based on the strength of the 25 mu m emission and the high 60/100 ratio, we conclude that a hot dust component within the H II region is necessary and that the best candidate for this component is "astronomical" iron.


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Sean Carey

Senior Scientist