Search for optical pulsations in PSR J0337+1715

June 2016 • 2016MNRAS.459..427S

Authors • Strader, M. J. • Archibald, A. M. • Meeker, S. R. • Szypryt, P. • Walter, A. B. • van Eyken, J. C. • Ulbricht, G. • Stoughton, C. • Bumble, B. • Kaplan, D. L. • Mazin, B. A.

Abstract • We report on a search for optical pulsations from PSR J0337+1715 at its observed radio pulse period. PSR J0337+1715 is a millisecond pulsar (2.7 ms spin period) in a triple hierarchical system with two white dwarfs, and has a known optical counterpart with g-band magnitude 18. The observations were done with the ARray Camera for Optical to Near-IR Spectrophotometry at the 200 arcsec Hale telescope at Palomar Observatory. No significant pulsations were found in the range 4000-11 000 Å, and we can limit pulsed emission in g band to be fainter than 25 mag.


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