A Catalog of Point Sources Toward NGC 1333

July 2015 • 2015AJ....150...17R

Authors • Rebull, L. M.

Abstract • I present a catalog of point-source objects toward NGC 1333, resolving a wide variety of confusion about source names (and occasionally positions) in the literature. I incorporate data from optical to radio wavelengths, but focus most of the effort on being complete and accurate from J (1.25 μm) to 24 μm. The catalog encompasses 52^\circ \lt R.A. \lt 52\buildrel{\circ}\over{.} 5 and 31^\circ \lt decl. \lt 31\buildrel{\circ}\over{.} 6. Cross-identifications include those from more than 25 papers and catalogs from 1994 to 2014, primarily those in wide use as origins of nomenclature. Gaps in our knowledge are identified, with the most important being a lack of spectroscopy for spectral types or even confirmation of youth and/or cluster membership. I fit a slope to the spectral energy distribution (SED) between 2 and 24 μm for the members (and candidate members) to obtain an SED classification, and I compare the resulting classes to those for the same sources in the literature, and for an SED fit between 2 and 8 μm. While there are certainly differences, for the majority of the sources, there is good agreement.


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Luisa Rebull

Senior Research Scientist