Interactions between a Bright Young Stellar Object and the Midcourse Space Experiment Infrared-dark Cloud G79.3+0.3: An Early Stage of Triggered Star Formation?

April 2003 • 2003ApJ...586.1127R

Authors • Redman, R. O. • Feldman, P. A. • Wyrowski, F. • Côté, S. • Carey, S. J. • Egan, M. P.

Abstract • Millimeter and mid-infrared observations have been made of the dense clumps of dust and gas and of young stellar objects (YSOs) associated with the bright, compact submillimeter source G79.3+0.3 P1 in the relatively nearby MSX infrared-dark cloud G79.3+0.3. The Gemini mid-infrared observations reported here indicate the presence of three YSOs within the cloud. BIMA 3 mm continuum observations show that the brightest of the YSOs is likely to be a Herbig Ae/Be star. High angular resolution molecular line observations suggest that a wind from this star may be triggering collapse in the adjacent molecular cloud. The submillimeter source G79.3+0.3 P1 itself does not contain infrared sources and may represent an earlier stage of star formation.


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Sean Carey

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