The 1985 May superoutburst of the dwarf nova OY Carinae - I. Optical and infrared photometry.

November 1987 • 1987MNRAS.229..183N

Authors • Naylor, T. • Charles, P. A. • Hassall, B. J. M. • Bath, G. T. • Berriman, G. • Warner, B. • Bailey, J. • Reinsch, K.

Abstract • The authors present optical and infrared photometry from the 1985 May superoutburst of OY Carinae, and estimate the temperature and area of the superhump region to be approximately 8000K and ≡1020cm2 respectively. There is evidence for extended vertical structure in the disc, possibly analogous to that which causes X-ray dips seen in low mass X-ray binaries. The authors show that the size of the O-C variations of the eclipse timings are significantly smaller than previously thought.


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Bruce Berriman

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