Website Development

Websites are the primary public-facing sides to any organization, and to the astronomical community, they provide the primary interface for the wide spectrum of research-enabling tasks. Intuitive site navigation, clean graphical design, and effective user experience implementations are all important facets of a successful science website.

IPAC maintains a number of high-visibility websites that connect the astronomical community to key archives, databases, and projects. The IPAC Communications and Education group has created and maintains a wide variety of sites ranging from smaller research projects like ZTF to large missions like LIGO, IPAC, TMT, ngVLA, Spitzer, Herschel, NeoWISE and more.

Expertise includes:

  • Ruby on Rails Back-ends
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Front-ends
  • Website Design and Layouts
  • Full AVM Metadata Support
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Content Management Services
Easy-to-use Content Management System


Create pages, news articles, blogs, and events

Powerful text editor

  1. Use our text editor to format text and embed multimedia to any page.
  2. Customize layouts with elements such as tables, headers, and links.

Customizable settings

  1. Embed your own HTML for more functionality.
  2. Control the number of columns in your layout
  3. Make pages viewable to only certain users.

Manage images and videos

  1. Auto-generates scaled versions of images.

Full AVM Image support

  1. AVM Images allow both general information (title, caption, credit, etc.) and astronomy-specific data (observations, coordinates, etc.) to be embedded directly into the images.

Easy to maintain

cma screenshot



Beautiful Design and Layout


design screenshot

Responsive on mobile and desktop

  1. We use the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create sites that are responsive to any size screen.

Designed for your users

  1. Intuitive site navigation clearly conveys information to any audience, whether it's scientists or the general public.

Well-organized layout 

  1. Our grid-based layout aligns content and presents it in a clean way. 



Flexibility to create custom features


Create new resources

  1. ​We create custom resources for your site, such as a People resource for a Meet the Team page.

Integration with social media and other 3rd party apps

  1. Integrate social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter and 3rd party apps such as Google Calendar.


  1. Our pages are easily indexed by search engines. 
  2. We integrate analytics tools so you can view site traffic.

Site analytics

  1. We harness site analytics to create a widget that shows popular content.

 Site search functionality

  1. We can add a search bar for content on your site.
Import existing data
  1. We help import content such as articles, blogs, and images from existing sites.
flexibility screenshot



Some of our work


Universe Unplugged
Planck homepage
IRSA interface
JWST homepage