Website Development

Websites are the primary public-facing sides to any organization, and to the astronomical community, provide the primary interface for the wide spectrum of research-enabling tasks. Intuitive site navigation, clean graphical design, and effective user experience implementations are all important facets of a successful science website.

IPAC maintains a number of high-visibility websites that connect the astronomical community to key archives, databases, and projects. The IPAC Communications and Education group has created and maintains a wide variety of sites ranging from individual research projects like LIGO and ZTF to large missions like Spitzer, Herschel, NeoWISE and more.

Expertise includes:

  • Ruby on Rails Back-ends
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Front-ends
  • Website Design and Layouts
  • Full AVM Metadata Support
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Content Management Services

Websites developed by IPAC Communications and Education:



IRSA interface

IRSA interface

JWST homepage

JWST architecture