The Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) for the Spitzer Space Telescope

September 2004 • 2004ApJS..154...10F

Authors • Fazio, G. G. • Hora, J. L. • Allen, L. E. • Ashby, M. L. N. • Barmby, P. • Deutsch, L. K. • Huang, J. -S. • Kleiner, S. • Marengo, M. • Megeath, S. T. • Melnick, G. J. • Pahre, M. A. • Patten, B. M. • Polizotti, J. • Smith, H. A. • Taylor, R. S. • Wang, Z. • Willner, S. P. • Hoffmann, W. F. • Pipher, J. L. • Forrest, W. J. • McMurty, C. W. • McCreight, C. R. • McKelvey, M. E. • McMurray, R. E. • Koch, D. G. • Moseley, S. H. • Arendt, R. G. • Mentzell, J. E. • Marx, C. T. • Losch, P. • Mayman, P. • Eichhorn, W. • Krebs, D. • Jhabvala, M. • Gezari, D. Y. • Fixsen, D. J. • Flores, J. • Shakoorzadeh, K. • Jungo, R. • Hakun, C. • Workman, L. • Karpati, G. • Kichak, R. • Whitley, R. • Mann, S. • Tollestrup, E. V. • Eisenhardt, P. • Stern, D. • Gorjian, V. • Bhattacharya, B. • Carey, S. • Nelson, B. O. • Glaccum, W. J. • Lacy, M. • Lowrance, P. J. • Laine, S. • Reach, W. T. • Stauffer, J. A. • Surace, J. A. • Wilson, G. • Wright, E. L. • Hoffman, A. • Domingo, G. • Cohen, M.

Abstract • The Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) is one of three focal plane instruments on the Spitzer Space Telescope. IRAC is a four-channel camera that obtains simultaneous broadband images at 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, and 8.0 μm. Two nearly adjacent 5.2m×5.2m fields of view in the focal plane are viewed by the four channels in pairs (3.6 and 5.8 μm 4.5 and 8 μm). All four detector arrays in the camera are 256×256 pixels in size, with the two shorter wavelength channels using InSb and the two longer wavelength channels using Si:As IBC detectors. IRAC is a powerful survey instrument because of its high sensitivity, large field of view, and four-color imaging. This paper summarizes the in-flight scientific, technical, and operational performance of IRAC.


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