The Mid-Infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope, VIII: The MIRI Focal Plane System

July 2015 • 2015PASP..127..675R

Authors • Ressler, M. E. • Sukhatme, K. G. • Franklin, B. R. • Mahoney, J. C. • Thelen, M. P. • Bouchet, P. • Colbert, J. W. • Cracraft, Misty • Dicken, D. • Gastaud, R. • Goodson, G. B. • Eccleston, Paul • Moreau, V. • Rieke, G. H. • Schneider, Analyn

Abstract • We describe the layout and unique features of the focal plane system for MIRI. We begin with the detector array and its readout integrated circuit (combining the amplifier unit cells and the multiplexer), the electronics, and the steps by which the data collection is controlled and the output signals are digitized and delivered to the JWST spacecraft electronics system. We then discuss the operation of this MIRI data system, including detector readout patterns, operation of subarrays, and data formats. Finally, we summarize the performance of the system, including remaining anomalies that need to be corrected in the data pipeline.


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James Colbert

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