Decadal Survey

Every decade, the Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics aims at identifying the key priorities in astronomy and astrophysics and develop a comprehensive strategy for agency investments in the upcoming decade. The survey is led by the National Academies in partnership with the whole astronomical community. More information about the current (Astro2020) survey can be found here.

Scientists at IPAC actively contributed to the current Astro2020 survey in all major fields of astronomy - (exo) planetary science, galaxy and extra-galactic studies, as well as cosmology. For the 2020 survey more than 600 science white papers have been submited. More than 60 of them include significant IPAC contribution and 11 out of these are led by IPAC-ers. 

Learn more about the Decadal Survey 2020 and how IPAC-ers shape the future of astronomy!

Past Decadal Surveys:

  • Astro2010 (workshop and white papers)
    In preparation for the Decadal Survey 2010, and in celebration of the 25th anniversary of IRAS, IPAC facilitated a number of activities, including hosting a workshop to discuss strategies and plans for the future of far-infrared space astronomy.