Erratum: ``Structure and Colors of Diffuse Emission in the Spitzer Galactic First Look Survey'' (ApJS, 154, 281 [2004])

May 2006 • 2006ApJS..164..306I

Authors • Ingalls, James G. • Miville-Deschênes, M. -A. • Reach, William T. • Noriega-Crespo, A. • Carey, Sean J. • Boulanger, F. • Stolovy, S. R. • Padgett, Deborah L. • Burgdorf, M. J. • Fajardo-Acosta, S. B. • Glaccum, W. J. • Helou, G. • Hoard, D. W. • Karr, J. • O'Linger, J. • Rebull, L. M. • Rho, J. • Stauffer, J. R. • Wachter, S.

Abstract • We have discovered an error in the scaling of our IRAC 8 μm and MIPS 70 μm data, which affected the caption for Figure 1 and the vertical axis scales for Figure 2.

The original units in the images displayed in Figure 1 were MJy sr-1 for 8 μm and μJy arcsec-2 for MIPS 24 and 70 μm. We incorrectly multiplied our IRAC data by 0.0425 (the conversion from μJy arcsec-2 to MJy sr-1), but neglected to multiply our MIPS 70 μm data by that factor. (MIPS 24 μm data were scaled correctly.) Thus, contrary to the caption of Figure 1, the gray levels for panels (a) and (b) actually range from 6.7 to 7.8 MJy sr-1, and the gray levels for panels (e) and (f) actually range from 0.85 to 20.8 MJy sr-1.

The power spectra in Figure 2 should have been normalized such that the integral over the spectrum equals the mean square image surface brightness. In the original paper, however, the IRAC power spectrum was incorrectly multiplied by (0.0425)2, whereas the MIPS 70 μm spectrum should have been multiplied by this factor but was not. We correct this in a revised version of Figure 2 included here.

We thank Rick Arendt for calling our attention to this error.


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