The GLASS-JWST Early Release Science Program. II. Stage I Release of NIRCam Imaging and Catalogs in the Abell 2744 Region

July 2023 • 2023ApJ...952...20P

Authors • Paris, Diego • Merlin, Emiliano • Fontana, Adriano • Bonchi, Andrea • Brammer, Gabriel • Correnti, Matteo • Treu, Tommaso • Boyett, Kristan • Calabrò, Antonello • Castellano, Marco • Chen, Wenlei • Yang, Lilan • Glazebrook, Karl • Kelly, Patrick • Koekemoer, Anton M. • Leethochawalit, Nicha • Mascia, Sara • Mason, Charlotte • Morishita, Takahiro • Nonino, Mario • Pentericci, Laura • Polenta, Gianluca • Roberts-Borsani, Guido • Santini, Paola • Trenti, Michele • Vanzella, Eros • Vulcani, Benedetta • Windhorst, Rogier A. • Nanayakkara, Themiya • Wang, Xin

Abstract • We present images and a multiwavelength photometric catalog based on all of the JWST NIRCam observations obtained to date in the region of the Abell 2744 galaxy cluster. These data come from three different programs, namely, the GLASS-JWST Early Release Science Program, UNCOVER, and the Director's Discretionary Time program 2756. The observed area in the NIRCam wide-band filters-covering the central and extended regions of the cluster, as well as new parallel fields-is 46.5 arcmin2 in total. All images in eight bands (F090W, F115W, F150W, F200W, F277W, F356W, F410M, and F444W) have been reduced adopting the latest calibration and reference files available. Data reduction has been performed using an augmented version of the official JWST pipeline, with improvements aimed at removing or mitigating defects in the raw images and improving the background subtraction and photometric accuracy. We obtain an F444W-detected multiband catalog, including all NIRCam and available Hubble Space Telescope data, adopting forced-aperture photometry on point-spread-function-matched images. The catalog is intended to enable early scientific investigations and is optimized for the study of faint galaxies; it contains 24,389 sources, with a 5σ limiting magnitude in the F444W band ranging from 28.5 AB to 30.5 AB, as a result of the varying exposure times of the surveys that observed the field. We publicly release the reduced NIRCam images, associated multiwavelength catalog, and the code adopted for 1/f noise removal with the aim of aiding users in familiarizing themselves with JWST NIRCam data and identifying suitable targets for follow-up observations.


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Takahiro Morishita

Assistant Scientist