Host Star Properties and Transit Exclusion for the HD 38529 Planetary System

May 2013 • 2013ApJ...768..155H

Authors • Henry, Gregory W. • Kane, Stephen R. • Wang, Sharon X. • Wright, Jason T. • Boyajian, Tabetha S. • von Braun, Kaspar • Ciardi, David R. • Dragomir, Diana • Farrington, Chris • Fischer, Debra A. • Hinkel, Natalie R. • Howard, Andrew W. • Jensen, Eric • Laughlin, Gregory • Mahadevan, Suvrath • Pilyavsky, Genady

Abstract • The transit signature of exoplanets provides an avenue through which characterization of exoplanetary properties may be undertaken, such as studies of mean density, structure, and atmospheric composition. The Transit Ephemeris Refinement and Monitoring Survey is a program to expand the catalog of transiting planets around bright host stars by refining the orbits of known planets discovered with the radial velocity technique. Here we present results for the HD 38529 system. We determine fundamental properties of the host star through direct interferometric measurements of the radius and through spectroscopic analysis. We provide new radial velocity measurements that are used to improve the Keplerian solution for the two known planets, and we find no evidence for a previously postulated third planet. We also present 12 years of precision robotic photometry of HD 38529 that demonstrate the inner planet does not transit and the host star exhibits cyclic variations in seasonal mean brightness with a timescale of approximately six years.


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