RadVel: The Radial Velocity Modeling Toolkit

April 2018 • 2018PASP..130d4504F

Authors • Fulton, Benjamin J. • Petigura, Erik A. • Blunt, Sarah • Sinukoff, Evan

Abstract • RadVel is an open-source Python package for modeling Keplerian orbits in radial velocity (RV) timeseries. RadVel provides a convenient framework to fit RVs using maximum a posteriori optimization and to compute robust confidence intervals by sampling the posterior probability density via Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). RadVel allows users to float or fix parameters, impose priors, and perform Bayesian model comparison. We have implemented real-time MCMC convergence tests to ensure adequate sampling of the posterior. RadVel can output a number of publication-quality plots and tables. Users may interface with RadVel through a convenient command-line interface or directly from Python. The code is object-oriented and thus naturally extensible. We encourage contributions from the community. Documentation is available at


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Benjamin Fulton

Assistant Scientist