Rubin Observatory LSST Stars Milky Way and Local Volume Star Clusters Roadmap

July 2023 • 2023PASP..135g4201U

Authors • Usher, Christopher • Dage, Kristen C. • Girardi, Léo • Barmby, Pauline • Bonatto, Charles J. • Chies-Santos, Ana L. • Clarkson, William I. • Gómez Camus, Matias • Hartmann, Eduardo A. • Ferguson, Annette M. N. • Pieres, Adriano • Prisinzano, Loredana • Rhode, Katherine L. • Rich, R. Michael • Ripepi, Vincenzo • Santiago, Basilio • Stassun, Keivan G. • Street, R. A. • Szabó, Róbert • Venuti, Laura • Zaggia, Simone • Canossa, Marco • Floriano, Pedro • Lopes, Pedro • Miranda, Nicole L. • Oliveira, Raphael A. P. • Reina-Campos, Marta • Roman-Lopes, A. • Sobeck, Jennifer

Abstract • The Vera C. Rubin Observatory will undertake the Legacy Survey of Space and Time, providing an unprecedented, volume-limited catalog of star clusters in the Southern Sky, including Galactic and extragalactic star clusters. The Star Clusters subgroup of the Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume Working Group has identified key areas where Rubin Observatory will enable significant progress in star cluster research. This roadmap represents our science cases and preparation for studies of all kinds of star clusters from the Milky Way out to distances of tens of megaparsecs.


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