John Stauffer


Title: Senior Scientist

Room Number: 313

Office Address: 313 Keith Spalding

Office Phone: 626-395-2698

Mail Code: MC 314-6

Email (@ipac.caltech.edu): stauffer

Research Interests: Star-formation; young stars; open clusters; brown dwarfs My primary interests are in star-formation and stellar evolution. Most of my observational projects derive from data on low mass stars in young open clusters and star-forming regions. The Pleiades has been my primary focus over nearly 40 years of observational programs. More recent interests have been the Orion, NGC 2264 and Upper Scorpius star forming regions. Special research interests have been comparison of empirical photometry for young clusters to theoretical isochones in order to estimate cluster ages and distances; identification of sub-stellar members of young clusters; use of the lithium depletion boundary method to age-date open clusters; the determination of spectroscopic rotational velocities or rotation periods for low mass stars in young systems in order to measure the angular momentum evolution of stars as a function of mass; and the use of precision light curves from space (CoRoT; Kepler; Spitzer) to constrain physical properties of young stars.

Activities: SpitzerYSOVAR