Anahita Alavi


Title: Assistant Scientist

Room Number: 370M KS

Office Address: 370M Keith Spalding, 1200E California Blvd

Office Phone: 626-395-1984

Mail Code: MC 314-6

Email ( anahita

Research Interests: My primary research focuses on using the UV, optical and Near-Infrared photometric and spectroscopic data to study the formation and evolution of galaxies, particularly the dwarf galaxies at high. redshifts. To this end, I have been combining the deep imaging from Hubble Space Telescope and spectra from Keck Telescopes with the power of magnification from strong gravitational lensing to investigate different physical properties of high-redshift dwarf galaxies such as dust extinction, star formation history, and metallicity. In addition, I am interested in the reionization epoch science, specifically via measuring the Lyman Continuum escape fraction of galaxies.

Activities: Euclid NASA Science Center at IPACWFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey